My 15th Anniversary Hiking Plan

Hey guys, I’ve got an interesting story to share with everyone. It’s been quite an amazing journey for me and my wife for the past 15 years. Our anniversary is next week and I’ve been pretty busy planning something interesting to do. These things can be pretty tricky to plan and keep a secret at the same time. So I got busy last week. My wife and I love to travel and explore so I thought a hiking trip into the forest at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park would be a god idea. It’s been about a good solid couple of years since we went trail walking or camping.

It’s quite hard to decide what exactly we can do. Its summer right now so the possibilities just add to how hard the decision is. All our old camping gear and clothes have gotten a bit aged so I was out online shopping for those. I came across a bunch of interesting sites. I was basically looking around for some hiking clothing as gift for her. Something designer made but at the same time I didn’t want to over spend. The aim was just to relax and have a good and comfortable time. I came across this cool site called Stylewe. I would highly recommend folks check this out. They have some amazing hiking clothing for very affordable prices. Anyway back to the main story, I think an ideal plan

would be to set out at 5am and catch the sunrise at the foot of the mountains. It will be a picturesque setting for some wonderful photos too. I am very excited as I write all this to be planning a hike after ages. It feels amazing and it’s extremely refreshing just too even plan. I can only imagine how my wife and I would feel when we are actually heading up.

The key to a great surprise if of course successfully disguising my intentions. I can’t just take her in at the top of the mountain before she gets there and I can gift her all the clothing that I bought too once we are there. There are some amazing spots for chilling out and having a barbecue up in the mountains. This knowing her will be a great day.
Trial walking anywhere is fun when you are in a nice big group so I plan to invite some of her old friends whom she hasn’t seen in a while too for the occasion. This should be a real treat! I hope. I need to plan a lovely dinner too so that we can spend time alone as well. So I probably have to pick a trail that has the shorter routes and not the ones where we can potentially get lost. In my next post I’ll let you guys know how it went. I sincerely hope the weather doesn’t play spoil sport on the day.

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