Essential gears for hiking


Hiking is fun, adventure and at the same time, tough when you are going outside to explore a new world. When you are taking a walk or jogging, you might escape the packing part, but planning for a real hiking need a lot of knowledge about what to take and what not. It can also put a hiker’s life in danger of not taking any essential gears for a long-time hiking or for a tough place. Making a checklist of hiking gears is more important than your hiking adventure. Here are ten items without which you should never head for a hiking.

  • Navigation tool: Navigational tool includes map and compass and in case you get lost from your team or from the track, it will be useful if you know how to use them. You can also bring a GPS or your own cell phone, though a compass will be enough for tracking down your road.


  • Drinking water: One of the basic problems a hiker might face and can sometimes pose a threat to life is dehydration. Taking enough supply of drinking water will help you keep hydrated for a long journey. You can also take some filtering material or purifying tablet to purify water from a lake or river.


  • First aid box: Take your first aid kit box with you no matter wherever you go. It may be needed for you or for your teammates to get a quick medical service.


  • Fire starter tool: Some unexpected things are common at hiking like a sudden change of weather. A fire starter or water proof match will be useful in bad weather if you have to spend the night in an emergency situation.


  • Camping tools: Camping tool is essential when you are planning for a long hike for a few days. Easy folding camp will be helpful to make your backpack light-weight. Heavy camping tools should be avoided in long-way hike.


  • Nutritional food: It is always good to have some dry snacks that are full of nutrition to provide energy for your hiking. Try to make a combination of all the nutritional requirements of your body to stay fit in your journey.


  • Clothing: Often hikers get confused about what to wear at the time of hiking. The solution is to put on as many layers of clothes as possible to make it easy to peel off or add the layers in hot or cold weather. Packing your socks, hat or weather suit is also necessary. Grab your hiking boots from timberland and start a safe journey.


  • Light: Taking a LED or some rechargeable batteries with you help illuminating the dark places or if any emergency situation arises for sudden camping.


  • Knife: One of the most important tools for multiple use is a knife that can be of great help for your hiking trail. You may need some tools such as tape or small pins to bring along with your long-day hiking.


  • A quality backpack: Now, when you have decided what to take along with you, to pack all the things you really need a quality backpack that will be waterproof and fit to carry for a long time.


Do not forget to take any of these things when planning for a hiking. Hiking may seem adventurous and exciting at the first place, but without perfect packing, it can be dangerous as well.


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