How to Choose a Best Electric Longboard

best electric longboards

Electric longboards serve different purposes ranging from casual cruising, travelling, to simple fun and pulling off stunts. Other than purpose, you also need to consider your riding surface as it determines the power you need for your bike. When looking to find the best electric longboards, you will be looking for one that meets your needs and preferences.

Battery Cells and Its Backup Range

The battery of the longboard determines how far it can go as well as its purpose. If you are looking to buy an electric longboard for simply cruising then going for an average battery will serve the purpose. However, if you are looking to buy an electronic longboard for long distance riding, you will need a heavy-duty battery so you can cover the long distance.

Motors and Its Watt

The motor of an electric longboard and they come in a wide range of watts ranging between 400 to 2,000 watts. When you are using it for something that is less demanding such as riding over a short distance on a plain surface, the less number of watts will meet your objective just fine.

On the other hand, if speed is a key concern for you, keep in mind that the higher the watts, the faster you can ride. You can choose between the single (ideal for medium speed) and dual (allows for fast speeds) motors. Here, the best electric longboard is dependent on your riding surface and speed requirements.

Controls or Controllers

This feature is responsible for boosting maneuverability as well as safety when riding. They come in different forms and with others resembling a remote control while others could be connected as an app to your smartphone. In an effort to boost safety and functionality, look for features such as Wi-Fi remote connection, some automation for ease of use, battery backup so you do not get stranded, reverse mode, as well as security alerts.

best electric longboards

The Charger

As an electric device, it must come with a charger. This is not to mean that one charger can charge every other longboard. However, you may find a number of chargers with different capabilities that will charge your longboard. Depending on the charger, it may take different times to charge your board.

The Wheel

The wheels on the best electronic longboard are made from a high rebound polyurethane material. The bottom line is that they should provide for a great grip when in use. Wheels are rated in terms of durometer. A 78A durometer is a rating for soft wheels. This rating is recommended for riders on uneven surfaces.

The Bearing

The bearing contributes towards boosting a smooth riding while enhancing speed. Many are made of durable stainless steel whereas a few are made from ceramic. The quality of the bearing is better when the ABEC rating is also high.

Weight Range

When looking at the weight range, it is about the weight of your electric longboard. Before settling for one, you need to consider the distance you intend carrying it. It is recommended that the longer the distance, the lighter the board.

Warranty and Supports

Different manufacturers offer different repair and servicing support warranty on parts of their electric longboard. Before settling for a board due to the time length, it is best that you review which parts are included in the cover. This also helps to minimize on long-term costs.

Electric Longboard for Commuting

Commuting over short distances with an electric longboard is not so demanding. The best commuting longboard may come with a maple, fiberglass, or bamboo deck. These are durable and they will take on the frequent short distance with ease. Another key feature is fast running wheels to get you around. In addition, you need motor power ranging between 400 and 100 watt due to the frequency. In an effort to boost safety, go for a more stable and better-featured controller.

Electric Longboard for Travelling or Cruising

This normally refers to long distance riding with your longboard. The best cruising longboards should have longer distance coverage per charge. You definitely do not want to be in the middle of nowhere with no power on your longboard. Other than battery range, you need to go for responsive wheels and truck to help address uneven road surfaces. Also, consider a 78A wheel rating for the best cruising longboard to help you work with great speed while at the same time upholding on safety.

Final verdict

As an electric device, you must also put into consideration the battery alongside other parts. Keep in mind that you will rarely find a longboard for girls or boys as the key consideration is your skill and need. Bottom line is that you need to outline your needs and with the above guide, you will identify the best electric longboard for your needs.

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