How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar

Research shows that there has been a significant increase in the sales of guitars by 4.6% in the past one year, double what the industry was able to produce. This excludes electric guitars which took a big hit during the 2008 recession that many are yet to recover from. Acoustic guitars, which heavily borrowed from the traditional Spanish vihuela de mano, clearly continue to be a favorite among many amateur guitar players because of the simplicity involved in its transmission of sound. Its easiness however does not mean it is any less difficult to choose the best acoustic guitar.

Taylor Guitars Big Baby BBT Natural, Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle and Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar; these are inarguably the best acoustic guitars in 2017 but are they the best for you? Probably not. So how can you choose the best acoustic guitar for yourself or a friend?

· How much are you willing to spend? To avoid getting easily side tracked by the good looking high-end guitars you should set your spending limit and stick to it. An acoustic guitar can cost anything from $100 to $700 depending on whether it is used or new. Just be careful not to buy a cheap guitar at the expense of the sound quality.

· If you know guitars you know that different wood types produce very different tones. Therefore you should know that spruce, the most common type used, has a bright and clear tone even when played loudly. Cedar on the other hand gives a warm rich tone that is perfect for fast picking. Mahogany on the other hand produces a strong sound when played while Maple gives a plain flat tone. Rosewood, though not so common, is known for its dark tone, colored with rich highs, mids and strong lows

· Consider your level of experience as this should be directly proportional to how much you spend on a guitar. If you are an amateur, you do not need a pricey instrument. A simple, preferably second hand one can easily do the job and could easily be the best acoustic guitar for you. You can choose to upgrade to better ones as you improve your skill. However, if you are a skilled professional player you have the leeway of going as high as $3000 for an acoustic guitar.

· Lastly, to get the best acoustic guitar, make sure you check aspects of the guitar before leaving the store. Hit some strings and check the intonation; it is often advised that you play the open D chord and then the same chord on the 14th fret then listen keenly to know if it is out of tune. You should also hold the guitar to your body and determine the action height, which is how far the strings are from the fret board. If you find it difficult to play the guitar is definitely not suitable for you.

Acoustic guitars saw an increase in sales for the 5th consecutive year in 2016, topping 1.2 million units sold for the highest levels of incoming revenue since 2004. This means despite it being among of the oldest musical instruments, it is still cool to play it. I hope the above pointers will help you choose the best acoustic guitar.

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